At the start of Grooming Parlor Finn in 2020, I – Michelle de Raaij –  am your groomer. Born in the seventies, after more than ten years of experience in insurance and having owned a kids clothing shop (that didn’t end very well) it was time to contemplate on my future. After several temporary jobs, Finn (a Labradoodle) came into our family. I took a one day introduction course in dog grooming and it became very clear to me… This is what I want! I decided to participate in a professional education programme for dog groomers and to dig into all aspects of this beautiful profession.

Now the time has come to start. My own practice / parlor is under development since 2020, gradually expanding whilst being trained and gaining ever more experience at MAC www.hondenvachtspecialist.nl in Zoetermeer. An awesome parlor with great colleagues.

My parlor is located at home. The entrance is also the entrance to our home, so you may encounter one of our other family members (our three kids, my partner, our dog or one of our two cats). For that reason I consider our entire family to be team members. Our team consists of other people that support and share knowledge and experience on how to further develop the parlor (technically, marketing, communication, administration).

I am passionate about providing my grooming services to your dog, creating beautifully groomed dogs in collaboration with you. Fortunately I can rely on other people to help me with “the other stuff”.

In the future maybe I can work together with other passionate grooming professionals. Who knows?

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