It may occur that the coat of your dog has gotten out of hand. The coat may be tangled (and may be felted). There are several reasons why this may happen, but whatever the reason, a solution is needed. As soon as we discover this is the case, we will immediately contact you (in some cases we may see this()while you are still with us). There are several ways to proceed:

  • We finish the bathing/drying/brushing. And we kindly request you to brush and detangle your dog in the following weeks until all the tangles are gone. We then look forward to seeing you again, to continue the grooming session (and to bathe and dry again).
  • We shave your dog. And from there on work towards a longer length of the coat, with regular brushing and sufficient detangling where possible.
  • We detangle your dog. This is a time consuming activity which may possibly not fit into the amount of time reserved for the appointment you made. An hourly rate is applicable in that case, for more information see below.

The hourly rate for detangling is 49,95 €.

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