Puppy accustomization (for free)

Everything is new for your puppy. Between week 6 and week 12 your pup experiences all sorts of new things: the socialisation phase. All pleasant experiences contribute to an “easier” dog in years to come. In situations such as travelling in the car, visitors at your home, visiting new places and so on.

Therefore, it is recommended to have your dog’s first grooming session roundabout the 12th week. You are more than welcome to make an appointment with us to get your dog accustomed to grooming in our parlor. To get used to our parlor and to us. Getting washed, dried and brushed in a parlor by a groomer. To experience what it is like if a groomer tickles your paws.

Puppy accustomization is the basis for a pleasant experience in all the years to follow. You can start this process at home, by getting your dog used to bathing, drying (with an appropriate booster) and brushing. That will make the next step, getting used to a parlor, even easier.

Puppy accustomization is free and will take about 45 minutes. If this is too long for your puppy or smaller steps suit your puppy better, then we can split it up into a number of shorter appointments. To make sure you and your dog retain a pleasant experience of your visit.

After puppy accustomization your dog is ready for the next step. The first full grooming session: puppy grooming. For more information you can read “Puppy grooming”.

Puppy grooming if for free.

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