In between grooming

An in between grooming session is a shorter version of full grooming. We bathe, dry and brush your dog. In contrast to a full grooming, we don’t fully trim your dog. We do cut the hairs around the eyes, the hairs between the soles of the paws and we make the legs neat and tidy again. We also groom the sanitary/groin area and cut the nails. Your dog is good to go until the next full grooming appointment.

The price of an in between grooming session on the size of you dog and the condition of the coat of your dog at the start of the appointment. Please feel free to contact us for a more precise price. An estimate of the starting price is: for a small dog  34,95 €, medium sized 61,95 €, large sized 67,95 €. We can decide on the coat condition, at the start of the appointment.

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