Full grooming

We start a full grooming session with a short intake of your dog. During the intake we’d like to know your wishes and discuss the possibilities for your dog’s coat. If it’s the first time for your dog with us, we’d like to know as much possible about your dog’s character, preferences and dislikes. After that you’re kindly requested to leave your dog with us. We will then start the washing, drying, brushing and grooming of your dog.

There are different grooming()schedules for different breeds of dogs. We will discuss with you in advance if you want to adhere to that schedule, if such a schedule exists for your dog, or if you would like a different kind of grooming.

A full grooming appointment, includes cutting the nails, cleaning the ears, removing hairs from the soles of the paws and a sanitary groom (anus and groin).

When your dog is ready for pick-up, we will call you in advance (taking your travel time into consideration). During pick-up we will update you on the experiences of the dog during the session. If it is of interest to you, we can also give you advice about how to take care of your dog’s coat at home.

It may happen that during a grooming session something out of the ordinary happens. In such a case, we will contact you directly so we can discuss (if or) how to proceed  (with specific attention to the well-being of your dog).

The price of a full grooming session depends on the size of you dog and the condition of the coat of your dog at the start of the appointment. Pleas feel free to contact us for a more precise price. An estimate of the starting price is: for a small dog  52,95 €, medium sized 84,95 €, large sized 102,95 €. We can decide on the coat condition, at the start of the appointment.

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