Terms and conditions

  1. Applicability of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all announcements, propositions and agreements. These terms and conditions prevail over any conditions on the part of the customer unless agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties.

  1. Offers and quotations

All offers and quotations are without any obligation which also applies to any announcement of regarding our services. Quotations will be made, based on actual  prices. Delivery of goods and services that were not mentioned in the quotation, will be charged separately.

Increase of any given price, in case of an increase of the purchase price and any costs related to the provided services, will be charged. If this takes place within three months of coming to an agreement, the customer is entitled to dissolve the agreement.

  1. Agreements

All agreements are legally binding when established verbally or in writing.

  1. Delivery of goods and services

The delivery of goods will take place in the parlor. The dog will be dropped off and picked up at the parlor unless otherwise agreed upon.

If the dog is picked up by the groomer or dropped off by the groomer then the dog needs to be ready at the agreed time and place. Deviations from the agreement are at the risk and expense of the customer.

The customer may be desired to provide security for fulfilling the financial obligations regarding services and goods delivered by the parlor. As long as these securities have not been provided, the delivery of goods or services may be denied by the parlor.

If a customer is negligent in fulfilling the obligations in these matters, the customer is accountable for all direct or indirect forthcoming costs.

  1. Force of majority

In case of a force of majority the execution of the agreement will be postponed for the duration of the force of majority. If the force of majority pertains for more than fourteen days there will be a mutual jurisdiction to dissolve this agreement. In case of dissolution the customer will have to compensate for what has been performed.

As a force of majority is considered, any complex of factors and facts, beyond the power of the owner of the parlor / groomer, which is of such a gravity or magnitude, that a … of this agreement can’t be desired within reason. A force of majority is also applicable if the supplier, for whatever reason, is in default of providing services or goods, required for the fulfilment of the agreement. The owner of the parlor can’t be held liable for any possible damages.

  1. Insurance

The owner of the parlor is insured against damages, that may occur during the delivery of services. The owner of the parlor can show the most recent and actual insurance policy on first request.

  1. Liability

The owner of the parlor can’t be held liable for any damages, in whatever form, related to any not directly to the services provided causes. All liability is at all times limited, to the maximum veterinary costs as covered by the insurance as stated in article 6 here above. In case of irreparable damage or loss of the dog, the owner of the parlor is liable to a maximum of the purchase price of the dog to the extent of coverage of the insurance by the owner of the parlor, except for mandatory legal provisions.

  1. Guarantee

Any guarantee doesn’t extend beyond providing a similar service and will never entail more than once again performing what was performed inadequately.

  1. Complaints

Any complaints regarding services provided by the parlor are only admissible when the owner of the parlor is informed about the complaint in writing, within 48 hours of delivery of the services. The customer is required to attend the salon upon appointment within 24 hours of the complaint.

10 Payment

Unless agreed upon otherwise, delivery of goods an service will take place whilst at the same time fulfilling a payment request by the customer directly contributed to the bank account of the owner of the parlor. By not complying to this condition, the customer is liable by right. In this case the return of the dog to the customer may be refused, until the customer has fulfilled its obligation to payment. All expenses as a result of keeping the dog, are charged to the customer.

Payment is applicable when the appointment is not cancelled timely. The following applies:

  • In case of cancellation more than 48 hours in advance, no payment is required.
  • In case of cancellation between 24 and 48 hours, 50% of the actual price will be due in accordance with the pricelist of the owner of the parlor
  • In case of cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment, 100% of the actual price will be due in accordance with the pricelist of the owner of the parlor

The owner of the parlor is entitled in case of outstanding payment to increase his claim with 1% per month, starting 30 days after delivery of the service or goods. If it is necessary for the owner of the parlor to hand over the collection of the claim, both the juridical as non-juridical collection costs, will be charged entirely to the customer. The non-juridicial costs are appreciated t 15% of the claim, with a minimum of twenty-two euros and seventy eurocents, without the requirement of any preceding summation.


Dutch law applies to all agreements with the parlor owner. A competent judge is a judge, as appointed by the law.

Privacy policy

At Dog grooming Parlor Finn we value the protection of the privacy of all people of whom we process data. Below we give insight in our processed personal data and our guarantee of the protection of that data.

  1. Processing of personal data

We process personal data because we need that data to deliver our goods and services to you. The personal data is always provided to us by the person himself or provided by a third party, with permission of the person himself.  It regards the following data:

  • First name and last name
  • Adress
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Name and breed of the dog, coat details and possible defects

We will only use the data for the following purposes:

  • To provide our services, including registration of appointments
  • To meet our obligations towards the government (for example Tax, Animal protection)
  • To provide data to a third party in the best interest of you dog (veterinarian)
  • To keep you informed about services, offers

3.Our website www.hondentrimsalonfinn.nl

For the optimization of our online-platform of our website we use cookies. We only use functional, analytical and technical cookies not breaching your privacy and thus also respecting your privacy online. These cookies are necessary for the technical functioning of our website and for user friendliness. A cookie is a small text file that will be saved on your computer, smartphone or tablet during your first visit to our website. It is possible to adjust the settings of your browser, to prevent cookies from being stored. It is possible that you will then experience diminished user friendliness.

  1. Retention period

Personal data, for example name and address data, will be stored for the duration of your customer relationship with us. If you have not indicated no longer being a customer with us we will store the data until it is no longer reasonable to assume that you will make an appointment. The data will be deleted in any case, if a period of 18 months has passed since your last appointment. This is also because you may have purchased something from us, to which a guarantee is applicable. Invoices will be held on record for a period of 7 years, to comply with tax regulations.

5.Security of personal data

Dog grooming Parlor Finn is very serious about the security of your personal data and has implemented the following measures to prevent the abuse, loss, unauthorized access, publication or unauthorized change to personal data:

  • We protect your digital data
  • Handwritten address-forms will be stored in a locked-cupboard
  • We don’t share your personal data on social media without your explicit consent

In case of a suspicion that your personal data is inadequately secured or in case of a clue of abuse, you may contact us at: info@hondentrimsalonfinn.nl.

We will investigate as soon as possible.

  1. Sharing of personal data with a third party

We don’t sell personal data with a third party and we will only provide personal data to a third party if this is necessary to fulfil our agreement  or to meet juridical obligations. With companies that process your data we will make a processing agreement, to make sure these parties maintain the same level of security and confidentiality

  1. Rights of people of whom we process personal data

You have the right to see, have changed or have deleted your personal data if we process it. You also have the right to revoke your permission to process your personal data or to object against our processing of your personal data. You also have the right of data transmission. This means you can request to send the personal data we have in the form of a computer file to a specified person or organization.

Any request regarding the rights mentioned above in this article may be sent to : info@hondentrimsalonfinn.nl

We will process your request as soon as possible.

In order to ensure that the request is made by the person of whom the personal data is involved, we ask you to enclose a copy of your identity. Please black out your photo and MRZ (Machine readable zone) , passport number, and Burgerservicenummer. This to protect your privacy. We will react within four weeks of your request. As soon as we have fulfilled your request, we will delete the data provided during the request.

  1. Other matters

Exceptional and/or sensitive personal data

We don’t intend to collect personal data of people younger than 16 years of age. We can’t verify the age of people and we can therefore not exclude that personal data of people younger than 16 may be collected/processed. If we discover that someone is younger than 16, we will delete their personal data. If you have a clue that we have collected/processed data of someone who is younger than 16, please contact info@hondentrimsalonfinn.nl in order to enable us to delete that data.

Automated decision making

We don’t make use automated decision making using personal data in a manner that may have juridicial consequences.

Complaints : Authority of personal data

You may complain about our processing of personal data. For more details: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/contact-met-de-autoriteit-persoonsgegevens/tip-ons.

We value your privacy.

Yours sincerely,

Dog grooming Parlor Finn.


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