Each grooming session starts at your arrival. First we want to make sure that your dog feels safe and comfortable. An easy start. Getting to know the parlor and used to the environment. After that, we put your dog on the grooming table. To inspect the coat, discuss your wishes/expectations and the possibilities for your dog’s coat. Together we decide on a plan of action. It is our goal to let you know as much as possible beforehand as to what you may expect after the grooming. Then it is time for you to say goodbye to your dog, just for now. The pick-up time will depend on the dog, the coat and the type of session planned.

Off we go. One or more bathing sessions with shampoo and conditioner, of course. Followed by drying while we continuously monitor how much your dog still enjoys the grooming experience. We comb/brush the coat thoroughly, to achieve the best possible starting point for the grooming.

Then we continue with the actual grooming (except when detangling or bathing only). Where needed we will apply care products to the coat to make the grooming experience even more pleasant for your dog (included in the price). As agreed()with you we will groom your dog in accordance with the grooming schedule for your dog’s breed and/or any other wishes you may have regarding the end result.

Of course cutting the nails, cleaning and picking the ears, shaving the hairs between the soles of the paws and a “sanitary groom” (anus and groin) are all part of the grooming as well (except when detangling or bathing only).

We would very much like to hear how you like the end result when you come to pick up your dog. Hopefully you are satisfied. But all feedback is welcome. We like to think that working together also means learning from each other. About the result, about how we interact with your dog and you, how we can make the entire process even more pleasant and how we can improve, in order to meet your expectations.

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