Our parlor is located at our home, Boswinde 177. In a straight line from the front door. We are equipped with all necessary tools and care products to ensure the best possible care for your dog’s coat. With a bath, grooming table, several blow dryers, clippers and other tools.

In order to take care of your dog’s coat as smoothly as possible, both the bath and grooming table are adjustable in height. The parlor is both heated and cooled, to make sure your dog returns as fit as possible after the grooming experience (hope to see you next time). For your dog’s comfort we use a bathrobe and a soft dust cover (on the table).

We use high quality care products with natural ingredients without any additives for better care of your dog’s coat and skin.

You may park your car in our front garden or in one of the parking spaces, within 25 metres of our front door.

HTS Finn oprit

You may ring the doorbell at the front door (entrance to the parlor as well). There is a fixing hook, to attach the leash to, for as long as this is required by regulations. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to come inside of course.

HTS Finn entree

Rechtdoor lopend, komt  u rechtstreeks in de salon.

Met bad, trimtafel, blazers en andere gereedschappen.

HTS Finn bad
HTS Finn gereedschap
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