During a nice day at the beach or in the park, your dog has probably had a great time. With no “time” to pay attention to his/her coat. Having great fun while playing, digging in the sand and ground. Sometimes with remains taken home in their coat as a present. If you would like your dog to be freshened up, you may consider making an appointment for a bathing session. We will gladly bathe, dry and brush your dog (detangling not included)

The price for washing/bathing depends on the size of you dog and the condition of the coat of your dog at the start of the appointment. Pleas feel free to contact us for a more precise price. An estimate of the starting price is: for a small dog  24,95 €, medium sized 39,95 €, large sized 49,95 €. We can decide on the coat condition, at the start of the appointment.

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